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A School Concert review:





The introduction was presented by Finn and Jochen themselves: Guitar and violin was the subject. 


A chat with the kids. Nice and easy. The children were immediately curious. Was it Jochen's small accent that struck this blow from the big world?


They took their places. Finn was seated, Jochen was below. The children sang along to "See the Little Starling". Between verses the  musicians conjured variations on the melody with free expression, which finally ended with a sad twist in the minor key. We were fine in time with the animals in the music.


There was "Dance of the Mosquitos", "The Bumblebee”, and "The Canary", where Jochen demonstrated the violin's incredible possibilities.


There was an elephant ballet for solo guitar and Finn succeeded in using the instrument almost like a small orchestra, that is, sustaining melody, chords, rhythm section as well as the bass. There was Kuk-Kuk (cuckoo): a charming little piece of music by the French composer Louis Claude Daquin (1694 -1772). There was the Swan. Incredibly, Jochen was the Swan. And if Finn had been afloat playing the guitar, then a swan would not have been able to swim about as beautifully.


It was refreshing to follow the way the musicians tackled guessing rounds:

Which animal is it? What do you say? A bee. No. What do you say? A mosquito. Yes. Not 'something something': It could be that you might also be right about it. Oh no. Here you go. Clear end results. And how! The children  immediately went along with these rules that created fun and good entertainment.


Throughout the concert Finn and Jochen presented a high-class ensemble. Apart from the basic layout with Jochen standing, the song leader, with his violin and Finn seated accompanying on guitar:


They juggle, play around with the musical substance presenting a richly varied ensemble that greatly entertained the children's interest which they held.


Towards the concert's end, we had reached a sort of workshop-like situation. There was a period of music with lots of spirit in the air: Jochen played, gesticulated, directed, gave tips, "again", "view", etc. - multi-performances with violin and body language, the children spontaneously expressing great joy in being cast.


Great applause for the musicians, encores and autograph signing rounded-off the highly successful concert.

Programs - Brusch & Svit

Programs for Violin and Guitar with the violinist Jochen Brusch.

Program 1:

Händel: Sonata D major, Paganini: Sonata in E minor and various works, Chopin: Nocturne C sharp minor, Sarasate: Romanza Andaluza, and works by Kreisler, Henriques, a.o.


Program 2:

Veracini: Sonata A major, Tartini; The Devils Trill Sonata, Chopin: Mazurka in A minor, Dvorák: Indian Lament, Vieuxtemps: Yankee Doodle, Bazzini: La Ronde des Lutins, etc.


Program 3: 

Bach: French Suite, Haydn: Sonata in E minor, Schubert: Arpeggione sonate (2. and 3. Sentence)


Program 4:

Homage a Denmark

Danish composers and music related to Denmark: works by Buxtehude, Dowland, Vivaldi, Nielsen, Lumbye etc.


Program 5:

Schubert: Aonate Arpeggione, Paganini: selected works for violin and guitar at for both solo violin and guitar solo. 


Programs for the young: 

  "Animals in Music"

  "Around the World In 45 Minutes"  

  "Witches Dance"

  "Classical music with Brusch & Svit".

1. Brusch & Svit
2. The Gutiarduo - Hebb & Svit. 



Frederic Chopin once exclaimed: "There is nothing lovelier than the sound of a guitar - except for the sound of two guitars!" With all due respect to the honorable Maestro, we would like to claim that the sound of a guitar together with a violin is even lovelier. So, in 1992 we decided to prove the charm of this combination of instruments, and created our duo.




TREASURES for Violin and Guitar 1996

MORE TREASURES for Violin and Guitar 1998




FAMOUS KEYBOARD WORKS BY BACH for Violin and Guitar 2010

SCHUBERT & PAGANINI for Violin and Guitar 2014


About the Duo:


The Jochen Brusch & Finn Svit Duo has given concerts all over Denmark and numerous places in Germany, in addition to festival appearances, masterclasses and recitals in many other European countries and the USA. Their numerous school concerts - with programs such as the popular "Musical Animals" - have thrilled thousands of young audience members, both in Denmark and abroad. Among the many enthusiastic supporters of the duo's music, one of the most prominent was Yehudi Menuhin, the legendary violin virtuoso, who gave the duo his warmest recommendation.


CV - Jochen Brusch:

Jochen Brusch has given recitals in most European countries and has appeared on several occasions in the USA performing, for instance, the entire Bach solo violin repertoire. He has recorded and published more than 100 pieces on CD and has received glowing reviews for his work. His teaching duties include courses, seminars and lectures at university level. Jochen Brusch plays a violin duplicated from Paganini's famous Guarneri.




“The language Jochen Brusch and Finn Svit offer the public is clear and very honest....The audience clapped, stomped and whistled for the best concert ever on Schloss Lindich.”



"The two musicians are deeply committed to the repertoire, they love to play, and they love to communicate. They manage to create closeness during the experience. An intimate concert  - a great experience."



Bernard Hebb & Finn Elias Svit

CV - Duo Hebb & Svit.


The guitar duo as a chamber music ensemble has a long tradition, and over the centuries there have been many beautiful compositions written, and or arranged, for two guitars. Because of the multitude of musical possibilities that two guitars can express, Bernard Hebb and Finn Elias Svit decided in 1996 to continue this tradition by forming their own duo. Bernard Hebb and Finn Elias Svit have concertized in many European countries, and have received invitations to give recitals and master classes in other parts of the world.

Castilla played by Hebb & Svit. 


  Guitar Impressions for Gega New. 

  Finn Svit & Friends for Gega New

  Over The Years for Trekel Records.


CV - Bernard Hebb: 

  • Born in the USA.

  • Guitar studies under Francis LaPierre, U.S.A. Completed general studies with an emphasis in music at Keene High School; Director Robert M. Cook.

  • Student of Prof. Karl Scheit at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna Austria.

  • Prof. Karl Scheits Assistant.

  • Completed his studies in Vienna (1969) and received his diploma in guitar (Masters Degree) with honors.

  • Instructor of guitar at the Hamburger and later the Bremen Conservatory of Music.

  • Publisher of a series of music for guitar by Trekel Pub. Co., Germany.

  • Jury member at international festivals.

  • Founding member and Artistic Director of the 1981 “Zevener Guitar Festival” in Germany.

  • Professor of guitar at the University of the Arts (Hochschule für Künste) Bremen, Germany since 1980.

  • Guest Professor at the „Escuela de Música de la Universidad de Guanajuato“, Mexico 2005.


  • “Gold Medal of Honor” (1973) from the “Federation of the Worker´s Music Association” (VAMÖ) for work done in the area of teaching and performing folk music.

  • “Pakhus Prize“ (2002) from the Århus Art Academy, Denmark for promoting and establishing the guitar.

  • “Silver Medal“ (2005) from the city of Zeven (Germany) for 25 years as founding member and Artistic Director of the Zevener Guitar Week.

  • “Who’s Who in the World”. Inclusion in the 2006 – 2012 editions (USA).

  • “Oder of International Ambassadors”. Membership since 2007 (USA)


Concerts and Master Classes 

Tours and master classes were given in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Thailand, Venezuela and Yugoslavia and the USA.

Radio Recordings and Programs 

Australian Broadcasting Commission (A.B.C.), 3MBS Radio Australia, Radio Bremen, Bulgarian National Radio, Radio France, South German Radio and Educational Radio (USA).


Educational TV (U.S.A.), Belgrade Channel 2 TV, (Yugoslavia) Culture Television (Venezuela), the ARD (Germany) and Polish T.V.




Domenico Scarlatti                                           

1685 – 1757

SONATE  i E-dur *


Willam Lawes                                                  

SUITE i D – dur.

1602 – 1645                                                          

SUITE i D – dur.

 Courant I



Courent II                                                                                                                                

Arr. Julian Bream/Bernard Hebb


Jacques Ibert                                                    


PARABOLES I AND II                                                


Allegro Moderato

Gabriel Fauré                                                  


Pavane op. 50

Francisco Tarrega                                            

1854 - 1909                                                    

Recuerdos de la Alhambra


Ferenc Farkas                                                

b. 1905      

 "Five Hungarian Dances from the 17th Century” *          

Intrada (Allegro Moderato)
Chorea (Moderato Maestoso)                                       

Danse Hongroise (Allegro)
Danse du Prince de Transylvanie (Maestoso)
Apor Lázár Tánca (Allegro con Fuoco)






Elliot Mason                                                    

1941 -                                                             



Witold Lutoslawski                                          

MELODIE LUDOWE                           

O, my Johnny                                                         

Hey, I come from Cracow                             

There is a path                     

The Sheperd Girl                                                    

An Apple hangs on the Apple-tree    

A river flows from Sieradz          

Master Michael                           

The Lime-tree in the field              


The Grove                               

The Gander                                   

The Schoolmaster

Isaac Albeniz                                                    


MALLORCA op 202 **

CASTILLA *                              

Nr. 5 fra Canto de España op. 232

*            Arrangement : Bernard Hebb

**          Arrangement : Bernard Hebb og Oliver Eidam





Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710)                          

Suite for Two Guitars                 

- Españoleta                                       

- La Caballeria de Napoles                               

- Fuge                                

- La Folia                                               

- Canarios


Ferenc Farkas (1905-2000)                        

Five Hungarian Dances from the 17th Century     

- Intrada        

- Chorea                                                                

- Danse Hongroise          

- Danse du Prince de Transylvanie    

- Apor Lásár Tánca


Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909)                         









Johnny Cali (1906-1995)                            

Cariña (Rhumba)    

Violeta (Tango)


Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)                         

Three Lyric Pieces Op. 12       

- Valse                                                                   

- Watchman’s Song       

- Fairy Dance


Miguel Llobet (1878-1938)                         

Canciones Populares Catalanes     

- En Noy de la Mare         

- El Testament D´Amela   

- La Nit de Nadal         

- La Filadora


Jaques Ibert (1890-1962)                         

Paraboles Nr. I & II

 Paraboles II played by Hebb & Svit

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